Company Description:

As a market research company that has been in the business since 1971, we understand the need of gathering opinions for companies that desire a true connection with their customers. We offer a wide range of services including: Focus Groups, Telephone Surveys, On-Line Surveys, Recruiting Services, On-site & one-on-one surveys, and a host of other services. With our longevity and experience, we are ahead of our competitors. We take pride in our growth, which has been consistently steady in the last thirty plus years. Our long tenured staff knows how to take care of customers with a “small firm” mentality, but with our current volume of data collection we are considered a large firm capable of handling any size data collection project. Past: Wilkins Research Services (WRS), was founded in 1971 by the late Madge H. Wilkins. The start up of the company was predominately from door to door survey data collection and sales inventory measurement projects. During the 1980’s, substantial growth occurred due to an increased volume of telephone interviews. By the early 1990’s the company moving along with the industry in covering from predominately paper questionnaires to CATI questionnaires. Increasing the size of the call center and an update to their focus group facilities mandated the construction of a new 7000 square foot building in 1998. Following in the familiar footsteps of success, WRS again needed more space to expand their operations in 2006 and now occupies 10,000 square feet. Present: The company’s 200 full- and part-time employees offer quantitative and qualitative data collection services. Full-time employees receive benefits ranging from medical coverage to bonuses for special projects. WRS, which completes over 300,000 interviews nationwide annually, operates a 100-station phone bank fully equipped with Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing software and predictive dialers. WRS conducts focus groups, store demonstrations, one-on-one interviews, product-testing, auditorium music tests, taste tests and mall intercepts just to name a few. Attention to detail, follow-up, on-time delivery and going the extra mile are all in a day’s work at WRS, clients say. WRS also receives praise for technical expertise for planning projects, managing the logistics cheerfully and effectively and providing affordable help. Future: To diversify and expand their already extensive list of services. Most importantly to continue to provide 5 star service to our customers and find innovative ways to fulfill the customer's needs in a timely, cost effective manner. Continue to break new ground and lead the drive for cutting edge technology and programs the ever changing market research industry requires.


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