M&M Industries

Company name: M&M Industries

Company Description:

A manufacturer of containers for hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids, M&M Industries, Inc. is a US-based plastic pail manufacturer. Established in 1986 by Glenn Morris, Sr. the containers manufactured are ideal for biohazard waste, hazardous chemicals, solid waste and solid chemicals. Mr. Morris began in 1963, packaging over-the-counter remedies. An inventor who has 44 patents for his ingenious ideas, he saw the need for a “child-resistant” cap to assure safety for prescription products, and developed one. Today the company is owned and operated by his son, Glenn Morris. M&M Industries has several hundred employees between both manufacturing plants in Chattanooga, TN and Phoenix, AZ. M&M employs individuals committed to excellence and quality. We believe in customer service and personal attention.

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