Chattanooga-Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau

Company Description:

Founded in 1969, the Air Pollution Control Bureau strives to administer local air pollution control laws that are intended to achieve and maintain such levels of air quality as will protect human health and safety and to the greatest degree practicable, prevent injury to plant and animal life and property, and foster the comfort and convenience of the people. Hamilton County has come a long way from the days when we were declared the Dirtiest City in the Nation. Our air is cleaner than ever now, but it is important that we continue to work towards meeting the federal requirements. Without the cooperation among government, industry, and a concerned citizenry, the progress Chattanooga has made would not have been possible. Join us on the journey to keep unhealthy air quality in our past and to make healthy air quality the present and the future for generations to come.

Chattanooga-Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau Jobs

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